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The Profits Formula

Get my proprietary The Profits Formula that is responsible for more than $100,000 in net profit (not revenue) from leads generated across multiple industries from dating advice to the music industry so that YOU as an entrepreneur or a business owner will never have to worry about creating a net profit in your business ever again.


'Marcus has been very helpful and knowledgeable. He showed me minor tweaks on my website that helped me increased my traffic and visibility'.

Jethro Mah - Ex GrowthTribe Member

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The Profits Formula

The profits formula that you can use to grow your business to 100k, 200k and more... reliably, consistently and profitably.

Your MAGIC Number

The MAGICAL numbers every business owner needs to know so that they'll never lose a single dollar in any paid advertising lead generation campaign.

The 3 Ps of any Marketplace

The promise, position and preeminent idea that the godfather of advertising himself David Ogilvy uses to create trust, authority and celebrity status in any marketplace.

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Daniel Thiel - Start Up Founder


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He’s also outspoken and is constantly coming up with ideas on how to better the company."

Dave  - CEO

Asia Group Holdings

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Hi I am Marcus Neo, 

Founder of ScaleMedia.Org

I am responsible for one of the HIGHEST return on investment in the industry, netting a 3000% return on advertising spent. 

I specialize in helping high growth businesses build their lead generation process in the most profitable, reliable and consistent manner.

I do this through a proprietary understanding of social psychology and basic math so that you too can grow your business consistently and profitably.

The The Profits Formula is responsible for 10 to 30 times return on investment for lead generation campaigns across multiple industries.

Without it you'll find yourself being unsure of how much to spend on your advertising costs month after month.

With it, you eliminate all the guesswork and will never lose a single dollar on any given lead generation campaign that doesn't bring you a $2 every $1 spent.

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