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July 5, 2019

Integrity, Attitude in Business, Relationships and Life

It’s not difficult to see the parallels between dating success and business success. In both areas, you’re required to be going through a certain amount of pain and rejections.

In my last article, I wrote about self-esteem and the basis of success. I’ll like to expand more into it. I currently run a dating consulting business and manage a couple of client acquisition for certain companies and individuals.

Ultimately, I learn that people are willing to engage you not only for the results you can deliver but the trust and integrity in that relationship.

This is an advantage that I feel I have over many others. I may not be the best marketer or copywriter out there. However, I have always attempted to uphold a high level of ethics and values in my work.

In short, I get shit done, on time, and I attempt my best to serve every single client.

Couple of months ago, I wasn’t running a marketing company at all, yet a couple of individuals have chosen to engage my services.

I didn’t really come up with any fancy marketing plans, however, I made sure that I gave my best advice, and executed upon their campaigns as if I had shareholdership and skin in their game in their outfit.

Some times, this can include blunt truths (that people aren’t used to hearing). I remembered telling a company that their KPIs for performance shouldn’t be only email subscribers, but net revenue and profit.

Of course, attempting to be a great service provider is only half the battle won. It always almost takes two hands to clap. I learned the difference between great clients and poor clients. Great clients are similar to great colleagues to work with. They trust you (upon earned trust) and let you run the show. They don’t micromanage.

This merely reinforces my conviction that a great team, is always better than working with talented people.

I never enjoyed working with people who showed up late, paid up late despite their talents. I don’t buy talent, but I buy a great attitude. Execution is always a thousand times worth more than ideas, and it’ll always be.

This is similar for dating and relationships. People are looking for ingenuity, authenticity and sincerity. I could never get along with friends and partners that didn’t respect my time. You’ll also be surprised at how much you can get out of it if you’re authentic in your relationships.

If you think about it, an aesthetically attractive woman has a 100 men in her life, attempting to get into her pants at any given point of time, at any given day in her 20s or early 30s. They either do it through being too nice or being too sleazy about it.

They aren’t authentic in their being.

To say that I do not value aesthetics in a romantic partner, I’ll be lying through my teeth. However, I am convicted that values and personality are what keeps any relationship working.

The blueprint for success in any area of life from relationships to business is evidently in integrity, accountability and empathy.

Unfortunately, these values aren’t conventionally imparted through our education system. In school, you’re only accountable to yourself. If you had good grades, you didn’t have to care. You could win by yourself. Unfortunately, in the game of life, it’s a team sport.

Tactics, strategies and results can get you the attention. However, integrity and trust will always be why ultimately why people transact with you.

Marcus Neo

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