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August 8, 2019

Commit To Building Your Million Dollar Client Acquisition System

Three months ago, I helped two music outfits at one go: to help them market their vocal coaching classes.

One of them paid me 1900 SGD to consult him. He didn’t complain about the quality of leads I generated for him through Facebook Advertising OR that he was ‘wasting time’ on following up not he leads and took my advice on making ‘godfather’ offers. Since then, he has 20X-ed his investment so far.

Here is his testimonial:

How much do you think the system I built for him is worth today compared to the 1.9k initial investment?

10k? 20K? 100k exponentially?

On Committing to Your Process

The second individual demanded I made the performance base. I did it for FREE. (Read: Huge ego, wanted to prove I was the best in the industry. Double read: Will never make the same mistake again)

He wanted NO follow-up, super qualified leads and ignored my advice to sure his sales team knew how to make ‘godfather offers’. Even before the campaign started, he complained that people liked ‘abusing free trials’ and it’s NOT going to work. This was even when he was running Google ads (which supposedly have higher ‘buyers intent’)

He broke even on his advertising spent in the first month. He then quit going into the second.

You may think I am going to make a comparison on ATTITUDE here but I am not. I am going to make a point on commitment.

What if the second individual followed up on the process?

He broke even in the first month, now, let’s go into the second month:

  • Let’s say: now you train your sales team to start making godfather offers.
  • You start making an incentive-based sales system: you can provide the leads, however, if your sales team don’t close, they don’t get paid. However, if they close, you get a high commission.

The question is, can you keep micro adjusting and pivoting till you get it right?

No, the ULTIMATE question is this, ARE YOU going to keep micro adjusting until you get it right?

Now, let’s imagine 6 months in, he gets this system right, just like the first individual.

How much do you think this system she’ll end up with be worth to her business? She has a team of 3–4 vocal coaches all hungry for business.

10K? 20K?


1000000SGD if replicated across multiple musical instruments?

Advertising can only generate you the lead, you need to be able to follow up

In the second project, I generated laser targeted leads with an income qualifier asking the prospect how much he or she is willing to spend on their service or product. Even despite that, they aren’t able to make the sale.

There are many variables from tech issues to website development in successful marketing campaign. You need TWO hands to clap. The fortune is in the follow up. Lastly, I want you to ask any salesperson on how much ‘time they wasted’ on unqualified prospects. It’s a numbers and statistics game. However, when you COMMIT to building out your client acquisition system, the numbers will eventually play out and you’ll get your 1 million dollar acquisition system, that helps you generate predictable and reliable profits.

Marcus Neo