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How The FREE Lead Generation Audit is Going to Work

Get to Know You

  • Hop on a complimentary consult with me and get BOTH your business and lead generation efforts diagnosed

  • Every business OR individual are at different points of their Facebook advertising process, if you haven't been running any form of paid advertising but are looking into adopting Facebook Advertising, that's okay as well


  • I'll get to know your goals in your business such as: revenue goals, your current client acquisition and lead generation methods

  • If you're already running Facebook advertising, I'll get you to log into your Facebook advertising account (if you're running ADs) and give you a FREE audit
  • This may potentially lower cost of your advertising and increase the number of leads


  • Walk away with a fool scrap paper lead generation strategy that is immediately actionable to help you be profitable from your lead geneation methods from DAY ONE

  • The majority of people get confused with 100 advertising techniques on Facebook, however, you're getting a one page fool scrap paper implementable lead generation plan

See what Industry Leaders are Saying

Daniel Thiel - Start Up Founder


"If you have trouble trying to get new clients and customers. I highly recommend enlisting the help of Marcus. He'll help your business not grow, but explode.

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be standing here right behind the golden gate bridge."

Alvin Chow - CEO


"His copies have drove substantial leads to our workshops and increased our sales. I continued to engage him till today for most of our copies.

He’s also outspoken and is constantly coming up with ideas on how to better the company."

Dave  - CEO

Asia Group Holdings

"I started a business and marketing campaign with Marcus a month ago.

His marketing campaign has brought us back a 3000% percent recent on investment."

Walk Away with my FREE Lead Generation Audit (Regular Price: $297)

The Lead Generation Audit

  • Like I mentioned, every business and/OR individual are at different points of their lead generation process in for their business

  • If you haven't been running any form of paid advertising but are looking into adopting a form of lead generation (preferably Facebook Advertising) that's perfectly okay as well

The Magic Metric

  • I'll break down your current lead generation avenues and help you find your magic number so that you'll never lose a single dollar on any lead generation campaign

  • How to position your company and your products in order to increase your order value so that you can make a PREMIUM return on investment on your lead generation strategies

Dear Business Owner...

Hey, Marcus here,

I'm tired of the digital marketing, business coaching and guru space...

You hear 'gurus' shouting: 'use video ads', 'use messenger ads'... 'use lead forms'...

That's what I call 'marketing tactical hell'.

I'm also tired of 'gurus' teaching RANDOM and OUTDATED tactics such as: 'all you need to do is to run Facebook Ads'

In today's world, there's no lack of information out there.

Yet there's so little INSIGHT.

Unlike information, insight is what to do with specific pieces of information at ANY given point of time.

Hey, you and I know that MORE INFORMATION isn't going to help you grow your business to the next level.


You do not need more information, you need INSIGHT.

This is why I am intending to raise the overall standard of the digital advertising and show you how you TOO can grow your business in the most consistent and profitable manner by using proven PROCESSES to increase your revenue in the most direct way possible.

Whether You are Running a Million Dollar Enterprise or Haven’t Made Your First Dollar from Business… the most Important thing in running business is…

Whether you LIKE IT or NOT... the FOUNDATION of every single successful business is the unequivocal ability to generate clients and customers that pay you CASH in exchange for a service or product.

It's NOT accounting, it's NOT raising capital, it's definitely NOT hiring a PA or 'building a team'....

Take it from someone who has once seen $300,000 worth on starting capital wasted on 'charity events'.

I adviced the director of the company to invest his dollars into ACQUIRING CLIENTS…

However, my advice fell on deaf ears.

The business fell apart within 3 months.

Having worked with million dollar companies to helping FRESH entrepreneurs make their FIRST DOLLAR in business...

You and I know that MOST important part of a business is the ability to generate leads… turn those leads into sales... for cash.

I can assure you that lead generation is one of the MOST crucial, if not the MOST important aspect in business, whether you're running a million-dollar company or a newly found start up.

Hey, This Free Audit Call Isn't for You If...

One of my BIGGEST pet peeve in the world is actually dealing with people who aren't serious.

If you're a business owner, you know you have to put on the big boy/ big women pants.

This isn't child's play.

This also isn't some make 10k a month whilst travelling the world bullshit that all the other business gurus are advertising.... 

I value my time as much as I value YOURs.

I ultimately hope you can do the same for me.

This audit consult isn't for you if:

  • You're looking to take the material and not implement, please go away
  • You're not serious about growing your business

This audit consult is for you if:

  • You are already running some form of paid advertising and are looking to improve upon it
  • Not implementing Facebook advertising and are looking for it to a crucial aspect of your business
  • Looking to grow your business in a reliable, consistent and profitable manner

I'm also Going to Make a Bold Statement and Promise To Ensure You'll Have a 100% Profitable Experience with Me

If you think you don't get any value out of our complimentary session, then let me know there and then I'll send you a $100 cheque right to your bank account.

Bonus: The 'Go Where the Fish Are' Targeting Audit (Reg Price: $297)

Oh yes, and as a bonus for the first 10 entrepreneurs, business owners or individuals that take up my complimentary lead generation audit...

I'll throw in a bonus targeting audit:

  • How to target your ideal client on regardless of advertising platform so that you can target your highest paying client that pays you the most and gives you the less problems
  • The ideal client targeting process that 98% of advertisers and business owners miss out on

Hear What Industry Leaders are Saying

Dave Tan - CEO

Asia Group Holdings

'ScaleMedia's marketing campaigns has returned my company a total of 3000% return on investment within the first month!

Job well done!'

Daniel Thiel - Managing Director


'If you have trouble trying to get new clients and customers. I highly recommend enlisting the help of Marcus. He'll help your business not grow, but explode.

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be standing here right behind the golden gate bridge.'

Vivek Iyani - Managing Director

#1 Millenial Coaching in Asean

'I feel that Marcus's work is really exceptional.

Ever since I got to know him, he's able to come up with good products and services. He's able to bring in leads for him. That's been useful for me because he has been able to convert cold clients to take action'